Lion Tamarins of Brazil Fund


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The Lion Tamarins of Brazil Fund

The Lion Tamarins of Brazil Fund (LTBF) was developed to raise funds for field research activities in support of Lion Tamarin conservation.


  • Jonathan Ballou
    Department of Conservation Biology
    National Zoological Park
    Smithsonian Institution
    Washington, D.C. 20008
  • Bengt Holst
    Copenhagen Zoo
    Roskildevej 38, PO Box 7
    DK-2000, Frederiksberg

(former Co-Custodian Jeremy Mallinson, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Tamarin Tales Vol. 5, April 2001)

" I am taking this opportunity to record that by the time you receive Volume 6 of 'Tamarin Tales I shall have fully retired, after a period of almost 43 years, from my employment and direct connection with the conservation mission of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. However, I shall always consider that my fifteen years or so of involvement with the Brazilian Government's Environmental Agency, IBAMA, and with the Brazilian and international colleagues connected with our collaborative partnership conservation work for lion tamarins in Brazil, to be some of the most worthwhile and enjoyable experiences of my professional career. Also, I could not have been more fortunate in having had the opportunity of seeing all four species of lion tamarin in the wild. A privilege that I shall always be greatly indebted.
To conclude, although I intend to continue to be fully supportive of all efforts related to the conservation of lion tamarins in Brazil, I could not be more delighted to record that Bengt Holst (Vice Director of the Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark) has kindly agreed to take over my responsibilities as a Custodian of the LTBF, and thereby to become a Co-Custodian of this International fund with colleagues Drs. Jonathan Ballou and Devra Kleiman. As readers of this newsletter will no doubt be aware, Bengt HolstĀ  has been, with Kristin Leus (Antwerp Zoo) and David Field (Dublin Zoo), one of the chief architects of the recent successfully launched 'EAZA Atlantic Rainforest Campaign'. Also, that he has participated at the annual meetings of the 'International Committee for the Conservation and Management of Lion Tamarins' (ICCM) in Brazil since 1995."



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