How To Apply

Large grants are currently awarded once a year.BLT

The following describes what the Lion Tamarins of Brazil Fund Large Grants support and how to apply.

The LTBF Large Grants support activities that facilitate the implementation of the recommendations of the 2005 Lion Tamarin PHVA (Population Habitat Viability Analysis). The proposals must thus relate directly to specific recommendations in order to be considered and will be evaluated according to the following priorities:

  1. Urgency
  2. Significance
  3. Cross species impact
  4. Encouraging new actions to begin
  5. Relevance for zoo activities

Proposal FormatGLT
Submit completed proposal (items 1 through 6 below) in English by email to:
Bengt Holst, Co-Custodian of Lion Tamarins of Brazil Fund (
(please include “LTBF large grant proposal” in the subject)

Include the following items in your proposal (no more than 5 pages is sufficient for items 1-2.):

  1. Proponent’s Name, Organization and Contact information (including mailing address, telephone and email)
  2. Project description
    • The Conservation Problem you are addressing. Please state how your proposal relates to one or more specific recommendations of the 2005 Lion Tamarin PHVA (Population Habitat Viability Analysis) Action Plans.
    • Detail the specific results your project is planned to achieve.
    • Evaluation – Propose a way on how to measure your success in achieving the planned results
    • Methods – Describe what you will do to achieve the planned results. Who will be involved? What are your underlying assumptions in selecting these methods?
    • Timetable – Include a list of the planned activities and the duration of each as well as the duration of the entire project.
  3. Budget
    • Present in table form in US dollars and indicate the exchange rate used for line items in Brazilian currency.
    • List according to accounting budget lines with notes explaining what the money will be used for and how totals are calculated.
    • Include the total budget needed for the project and columns for any complementary funding obtained/requested from other sources, and the amount requested from the Lion Tamarins of Brazil Fund.
  4. Animal handling/collection permits – If the proposed project involves handling of animals or collection of animal or plant material, please describe the location and procedures to be used and submit proof that required permits have been obtained (or have been submitted). Note: In cases where grants are awarded to projects with permits “in the process of approval,” funds will be withheld until the grantee submits proof that required permits have been obtained.
  5. Curriculum Vitae (maximum 3 pages each) of the principal personnel involved
  6. Endorsement by the appropriate lion tamarin species coordinator(s).

Those applicants who are awarded grants will be expected to produce a brief technical report (2-5 pages) at six-month intervals and a final technical report for the Lion Tamarins of Brazil Fund, as well as at least one story for Tamarin Tales.

The grant recipient will be expected to provide a financial accounting for all funds received and to maintain the receipts available for inspection/audit, if necessary. Funds received may be used only for the purposes outlined in the approved grant proposal.

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