The Lion Tamarins of Brazil Fund (LTBF) was developed to raise funds for field research activities in support of Lion Tamarin conservation.

The current custodians are:

Jennifer Mickelberg, Zoo Atlanta, 800 Cherokee Avenue, SE, Atlanta, GA 30315-1440, USA

Bengt Holst, Copenhagen Zoo, Roskildevej 38, PO Box 7, DK-2000, Frederiksberg, Denmark

Two sorts of grants are available:

  1. Up to 20.000 US$ a year for bigger projects relating directly to action points in the recommendations of the 2005 PHVA.
    • These grants can be provided for no more than 2 years in a row, and will be coordinated by the LTBF team (four species coordinators, two co-custodians of the LTBF and one representative of IBAMA).
  2. Up to 5.000 US$ per year per species, prioritised by the species coordinators.


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